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Single-Origin Beans: Current Selections


Caleb's Coffee is committed to only roasting coffees that are grown with respect for the workers and the environment. A lot of coffee is grown in sweatshop-like conditions, so fair trade is important to ensure living wages for the workers who produce the lovely beans. It's also important to work in harmony with our world's natural systems. Many of the selections from Caleb's Coffee are certified organic; those that are not were grown organically even though they're not certified. Many selections also carry a certification of being fairly-traded, and if not, they were directly purchased. Another common certification is the Rainforest Alliance, which guarantees good working conditions and sustainable farming. Click on a selection below to learn more or place an order.



Caleb's Coffee is roasted to order. Your Master Roaster has already determined a good roast profile for each bean and will do that by default. However, if you have a preference about the roast level, sure to add a note with your preferences during checkout.


This shopping cart will allow you to pay by PayPal or credit/debit card. If you prefer to pay with cash or check, place your order by e-mail or phone. (Visit the contact page.)

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