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Where does coffee come from?



Coffee is like wine: beans from different places exhibit different characteristics. This is due to variations in climate, soil chemistry, agricultural techniques, and local varieties of coffee plants.


Because coffee is a tropical plant, it can't be grown in the continental United States. (However, there is some coffee from Hawaii.) Coffee is grown in equatorial regions around the world, including Central and South America, Africa, India, and Indonesia. Usually, it is grown either on a large estate, or on small family farms that join together to bring their crop to market as a collective. It is then imported to the United States in large shipments.


Coffee is a crop, so quality and yield from a particular origin can vary dramatically from year to year. Because of this, selections avalable through Caleb's Coffee change frequently. But it's also fun, because that means you can keep trying different beans with each bag and learn to develop your coffee palate!


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