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Wholesale Supply Information


Are you passionate about your business? Of course you are, and of course you only want the best food and drink for your customers. In Athens, folks pay attention to the sources of their products: Caleb's Coffee is great because not only is it a new local business, but all the beans are organic and fairly-traded and the business is philanthropically active in the local community. I'm proud to be working with a growing network of partners in the Athens, Ohio area to build and sustain a healthy local economy, and excited to add your business to the list.


Wholesale pricing is available to restaurants and grocery stores in the state of Ohio. Coffees are available for retail sale in half-pound or one-pound bags, and also available in larger volume for restaurant use.


I maintain a rotating selection of beans from a variety of origins around the world, but always have a good dark roast, a good light roast, a good decaf, and a couple good medium roasts. (Seasonality applies to global coffee harvests and availability, too!) If you prefer consistency, we can work together to develop a house blend for your restaurant and I will artfully combine what beans are available to maintain a consistent flavor profile for the blend. Alternatively, some restaurants prefer the excitement and novelty of having a different coffee each week.

For more information about wholesale supply, visit the Contact page and I will send a wholesale supply information sheet and price lists.

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