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Ecological Conscience


We are all a part of the wonderfully complex and mysterious system of the Earth, and it is important for us both on an individual and a societal level to ensure that our lifestyles are working in harmony with those systems. Caleb's Coffee strives to set an example in living with the Earth and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

Sustainably-farmed beans


I'm very careful to source only beans that are grown with love for both the workers and the environment. Almost all of the selections carry some kind of organic certification, but not always. In certain regions, like India and Papua New Guinea, most coffee is organically-grown but very little of those coffees actually get the official certification. Also, some of the selections are directly-traded micro lots from small farms that never paid for certification despite using organic methods. This is similar to the local farmers' market, where most produce is organically grown even if it's not officially certified. In short, Caleb's Coffee is always grown in good, healthy soil and without chemical pesticides or fertilizers.


The power of a coffee purchase


Many of my selections are pooled crops from groups of small farmers working together in fair-trade co-ops. A nice perk of buying co-op coffees is that the co-ops have programs that take a portion of the profits to give back to the local area in various ways. Often, this is manifested in social improvement programs, but environmental projects are also key. Some co-ops, for example, work on reforestation in areas where rainforest has been cut down. Other co-ops work together to construct sustainable water infrastructure, educate each other about organic farming practices, and more.


Water process decaf


Have you ever worried about chemicals used to create decaffeinated coffee? Worry no more. There are a couple different methods of decaffeination, some of which involve chemical solvents like benzene, dichloromethane, or ethyl acetate. However, there is an alternative known as the Swiss water process or mountain water process. In this method, the unroasted coffee is basically brewed into a strong tea, removing all the flavors and caffeine from the beans. This extract tea is then filtered and separated into layers, and the caffeine layer is removed. Finally, the beans are again immersed in the now caffeine-free extract solution, returning the flavors without the caffeine. All decaf coffee sold by Caleb's Coffee is produced using water-process decaffeination.


Part of the global and local economy


Caleb's Coffee is proud to be part of the Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau's 30 Mile Meal project. This initiative promotes local restaurants, stores, and producers who contribute to the local food economy of the southeast Ohio region. Caleb's Coffee is also proud to collaborate with other 30 Mile Meal Partners!


  • Purple Wolf

  • Bodhi Tree Guest House and Studio

  • Cool Digs


Beans from Papua New Guinea accompanied by flowers from my yard

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