Melange: Uganda Bugisu Sipi Falls 1/2lb.

Melange: Uganda Bugisu Sipi Falls 1/2lb.

Best with a melange blend (mix of different roast levels).
Also good at a medium or dark roast.

Rainforest Alliance. Certified Fair Trade & Organic.

Approximately 3 million people in Uganda depend on coffee for their livelihood. Still in the process of recovering from a 23-year civil war, these farmers are working to re-build infrastructure for their businesses and communities and the purchase of these beans helps to support their efforts.

A melange blend really brings out the best in this bean, with a sweetness from the medium-roast plus a depth from the dark roast.

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Caleb's Coffee is guaranteed to be awesome. If you don't like what you get, talk to Caleb and he'll help you find a bean to suit your tastes. 


Caleb's Coffee may sell within the state of Ohio to individuals and businesses and deals mostly in the vicinity of Athens, Ohio.

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