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Why is freshly-roasted coffee better?


The main determining factor for the quality of a cup of coffee is how recently the beans were roasted. Coffee's flavor comes from delicate aromatic compounds created during the roasting process. Coffee smells so good because these molecules get out in the air and into your nose. Unfortunately, that means they're also leaving the bean!


The peak moment to enjoy coffee is between 1-12 days after roasting. After the roast, you should wait at least a few hours while residual carbon dioxide is degassing from the beans. Then comes a week of peak flavor, before the most delicate aromatic compounds (fruity, floral, and spice notes from phenols and earthy tones from pyrazines) begin disssipating noticeably. After this, you get about a month of still-okay coffee before all the good stuff is gone. All this is accelerated by grinding: after you grind your beans, you've got about 15 minutes to start brewing your coffee.


Unfortunately, with commerically-supplied coffee that you buy at the grocery store, you will ALWAYS miss out on the peak period when coffee is at its best. So, if you're ready for the best coffee you've ever had, guaranteed (because of chemistry), get a fresh-roasted-to-order bag of Caleb's Coffee now! View the current selections here. Then, be sure to follow these instructions for ensuring the best coffee possible!


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