Medium: Rwanda Inzovu 1/2 lb.

Medium: Rwanda Inzovu 1/2 lb.

In Kinyarwanda, the official language of Rwanda, the word inzovu means “elephant” – an animal which lent its name to this co-op of some 20,000 small farmers each of whom tend only a few hundred trees. Each plant in their small crop is lovingly cared for, yielding a fantastic-tasting coffee and a good price for the farmers. Rwanda's coffee export has increased in recent years and is having beneficial effects on the stability and growth of Rwanda's economy.

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Caleb's Coffee is guaranteed to be awesome. If you don't like what you get, talk to Caleb and he'll help you find a bean to suit your tastes. 


Caleb's Coffee may sell within the state of Ohio to individuals and businesses and deals mostly in the vicinity of Athens, Ohio.

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