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Coffee Processing Methods


Coffee beans grow inside a fruit, which must be removed somehow before the coffee is ready for market. Many different processing methods are employed around the world: from traditional dry processing to the modern standard wet process, and the sweet in-between spot of semi-washed or honey processing.

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Natural or Dry Process


The most traditional method involves leaving the fruit to dry on the bean like a raisin, which This natural or dry processing method is employed with some of the finest specialty beans, and is especially popular in Ethiopia. Caleb's Coffee has a dry-process bean in stock now!

Washed Process


These days, most coffees are processed by using water to wash the fruit from the bean. The first step is mechanical removal of the bean from the fruit, often with a depulping machine although some origins use other methods: for example, the beans from the Tribal Aromas co-op in Papua New Guinea are hand-pulped with river stones. 


Semi-Washed or Honey Process


Honey process coffees are

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