Residential Subscription Discount


is actually getting renamed to...


Caleb's Coffee Club  << click here to learn more


(a much better title, don't you think?)


I'm leaving this page here temporarily during construction of that new corner of the web site, just in case there are some links that still point here. Soon this page will be demolished to make way for the future but for now it remains as a testament to times gone by. Learn more about Caleb's Coffee Club on the new page by clicking here.


(740) 59-COFFEE

(740) 592-6333

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Caleb's Coffee is guaranteed to be awesome. If you don't like what you get, talk to Caleb and he'll help you find a bean to suit your tastes. 


Caleb's Coffee may sell within the state of Ohio to individuals and businesses and deals mostly in the vicinity of Athens, Ohio.

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