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Caleb's Coffee Club


Do you love coffee SO much? Do you want a "personal coffee expert" to take care of your coffee needs?


Then you probably need to join Caleb's Coffee Club.

(Which is pretty much identical to the Wholesale Supply arrangement, by the way)

What is it?

Remember the milkman? Caleb's Coffee Club is like that, except with coffee. Don't remember the milkman? Well, it's also kinda like a magazine or newspaper subscription. Basically, you receive a better price by pre-paying for your coffee. Whenever you want some beans, you just call or e-mail with your order and your coffee will be on your doorstep within a day or two. Alternatively, we can arrange a regular delivery schedule. I will keep track and let you know when it's time to renew your subscription. I can help you find coffees that will be to your preference, and I will also give you different "Coffee Facts" each time. Here's the price breakdown*:


Small amounts (normal retail price)

  • $5 for 1/2 lb.

  • $10 for 1 lb.

Medium amounts (a better deal)

  • $50 for 6 lbs. (i.e. $8.33/lb.)

Large amounts (the best deal)

  • $100 for 12.5 lbs. (i.e. $8/lb.)


Please note that this coffee doesn't need to be delivered all at once! You'll be getting coffee delivered for weeks or months and never need to worry about paying for it each time. You can also place special orders, so if you need extra coffee, maybe as a gift for a friend or because you're having a party, you can get more or less depending on your needs.


Want to sign up? Visit the Contact page to get in touch and set up your subscription today!

*also note: the terms of the coffee club are somewhat flexible... do you have an idea how to make it work better or to fit your situation? Please let me know! I'm still figuring out the logistics of this, and I'd love to have you on my list of coffee club members.

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