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Early Bird Blend 1/2lb

Early Bird Blend 1/2lb

The sun shines on the song of a bird as expert hands pluck a bright red berry and wash the fruit from the bean, who enjoys the concert of the ocean waves as she rides to a new land and finds herself in your cup, sparking a fire in your soul. Do great things today!

Inspired by the artists, musicians, and creators of Athens, this selection includes a few different origins (all fairly traded & organically grown!) expertly blended at a few different roast levels and is designed to create a smooth and complex flavor profile combined with enough caffeine to help you start your day, but not enough to make you jittery.

The basic recipe includes the espresso blend for the dark half, plus 50/50 Central American and African for the medium half, although the specific recipe changes based on seasonal availability of certain beans.
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